DAMS AND CLIMATE (On climate in general and floods in particular)

DAMS AND CLIMATE (On climate in general and floods in particular)

Mankind at all times of its existence has been related to water and is consumed, considering it a resource for its comfort.

Water is a living substance that has developed certain properties according to nature’s assignments. Its main function is mediation in all earthly affairs. Passing through the soil and biota, it undergoes many transformations and goes into the atmosphere with the most diverse structure from each living creature and plant, breathing, various secretions, transpiration of plants.

Diversity, volumes, evaporation rate created a special mechanism that determines at each point of the planet strict constants of atmospheric pressure, temperature, humidity, on which all parameters of the atmospheric state depend: cyclones and anticyclones, movements and winds, charges of clouds and lightning discharges, places of precipitation , their volumes and schedule. It is these constants that have created strictly defined areas over millions of years - deserts and forests, tropics and savannas, and glaciers.

After precipitation, on the soil important water functions are the dissolution of mineral and organic substances in the banks of rivers and soils under the ground and their supply to plant roots and the stomachs of all living creatures. Water does not disappear in the roots of plants and the wombs of living beings. After numerous and diverse processes of growth of plants and organisms, the water continues its movement in a new substance. Vapors of evaporation and transpiration carry certain properties that control the growth and development of the entire biota. For example, smells provide the interaction of predators and prey, plant volatile production - nutrition and reproduction of plants. This cycle was created, developed and polished since the birth of life on Earth and, under the influence of solar heating, the geological structure of the planet is the main active element of nature - a kind of perpetual motion engine or source of all life on the planet.

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