SESM Graduate Awarded “Florida Earth Young Scholar”

SESM Graduate Awarded “Florida Earth Young Scholar”

Shahnoor Hasan, has been chosen as a 'Florida Earth Young Scholar'.

shanoor.jpgShahnoor Hasan, a graduate of M. Sc. In Environment Management program offered by the Department of Environmental Science under the School of Environmental Science and Management, Independent University, Bangladesh, has been chosen as a ‘Florida Earth Young Scholar’ recently.

Currently she is a PhD fellow at Water Governance Chair group in UNESCO-IHE Institute of Water Education. Her role as a Florida Earth Young Scholar is to act as a think tank on water-related issues and problems.

Shahnoor is affiliated with the Department of Geography, Planning and International Development Studies of the University of Amsterdam under a joint doctorate programme. Her research explores what participatory planning tools do in strategic delta planning processes with focus on Bangladesh, Netherlands, and Vietnam.

She is also a former Lecturer of the Department of Environmental Science, SESM.

Source: Independent University Bangladesh