Interested in floods? Go for EMFRM!

I always had an interest in the topic of floods, an interest which was re-triggered by the crippling floods in Bosnia and Herzegovina during May 2014. The devastating number of casualties, the vast-scale of infrastructure and property damage and the fact that many of my friends, which I had just visited couple of days before, were highly affected, are all factors that compelled me to study more about this natural disaster and the ways of minimizing its effects.My career ambition is to work as consultant on the sector and provide my services in both developed and developing countries all over the world. I strongly believe that the EMFRM Master’s programme will provide me with all the essential skills to acquire a more comprehensive knowledge about flood risk management and help me accomplish my target. Moreover, the fact that this programme is offered by a consortium of 4 recognized institutes, combining their expertise in every aspect of flood risk management, and also provides the opportunity to meet many amazing people from all over the world, makes it a unique experience and definitely the right choice for everyone interested in this field of studies. I am really excited to be part of the Water Professionals 2016 and I am looking forward to visit Florida and learn about the models used in the Everglades Restoration program.