Last Minute Instructions

 Law Students,

  1.  Some of you are getting in early.  We will have an early rendezvous point at the Delft Train Station at 12 PM if you want to do that.  I will be there with a sign marked “St. Thomas/Barry.”  When you get off the train, look to your left and I will be towards the front of the train with the sign.  Blue jeans, beige jacket.
  2. For those who want to arrive later we still be do the pick-up at the statue in front of the New Church in the town square at 5:30 PM.  Easy to see as is tallest spire in Delft. 
  3. My cell is (561) 281-5081 if you have any trouble.
  4. The address of the dorms is Mina Krusemanstraat 250, Delft
  5. When you get settled in the dorms, come back to the town square where the New Church and rendezvous at the tables behind the City Hall, the big building opposite the New Church.
  6. If you see your colleagues from St. Thomas or Barry, please relay this message as some might not check their emails.
  7. See you tomorrow.