Practical information

Some practical information, related to what we discussed during the Tallyfox meeting:

- The hotel has been booked starting Sunday night. This means you are responsible for the Saturday night stay. However, the Hampshire hotel in Delft knows that we will be coming in on Saturday, so there is no need to book a room in advance.

- When you arrive on Saturday Stan and I will be there to welcome you. We will put the luggage in lockers, and spend a few hours in Amsterdam. We are looking into buying tickets for the Rijksmuseum . Afterwards, we will take the train back to Schiphol airport to get the luggage, and go to Delft to the hotel. We plan to be there before 5pm since most of you will probably be tired.

- The next day we might go to Keukenhof . We can take a short train ride from Delft to Leiden (also a nice small city), where we can take a bus (25-minute bus ride on bus 854) to the Keukenhof. We are not getting tickets for that (yet), as some of you have already bought them yourselves. For the people arriving on Sunday, it will be possible to check into the hotel early.  

Keukenhof is the world’s largest flower garden, located in Lisse, Netherlands, about 45 minutes outside of Amsterdam city center . The park was once a hunting area, then served as the herb garden of the Countess of Hainaut and after her death it was passed on to wealthy merchants who hired landscapers to intensify the beauty of the area. Currently the estate is owned by a Foundation. In 1946, the mayor of Lisse at the time and prominent bulb growers held an open air flower exhibition, which since then occurs annually and has become the Keukenhof Gardens as it is known today.

Keukenhof Gardens covers 80 acres with more than 7 million blooming tulips, hyacinths, daffodils, freesia, hydrangea, gerbera, daffodils, roses, and many more spring bulbs with 15 km of pedestrian paths for visitors to fully discover the beauty of the park. Each year the theme of Keukenhof is different, the theme of 2013 is “United Kingdom – Land of Great Gardens”. 

- Renting bikes: it will be possible to rent bicycles in Delft. We will not use the ov chip card service for this, because you need to request a subscription to the service 7 days before.

- Dinner schedule: Monday on your own; Tuesday tba; Wednesday dinner at the Batavia; Thursday tba; Friday farewell dinner.

If you have any other questions or comments, please let me know!