Chris Pargiter, Mr.

Having acquired a dealership with the South African company, Maskam Water, for the Eastern, Central African and MENA regions, I represent Maskam Water and the Zoeller Company from America's range of waste water treatment solutions and their top quality submersible pumps and VGE from the Netherlands range of UV systems. I capitalised upon this opportunity, realising the potential of the products especially in Eastern and Central Africa, leading to the establishment of the business. I set about contacting various institutions and NGO’s in Africa and the Middle East and this has resulted in me being firmly entrenched in these regions.

Having an engineering background with extensive experience from working in Southern African countries in the past has cemented the foundations for the success of Maskam Water.
The objective is to offer sustainable environmental solutions in compliance with green technologies for the biological treatment of waste water and sewerage.

Key factors of the factory manufactured waste water treatment plants are that they function on the same principles as municipal treatment plants, use 90% less electricity than comparable products, have solar options and retain all the treated water for re-use.
My primary role is to present this comprehensive range of waste water treatment products in the various regions as well as sales, product and installation training for the dealers and agents staff.