Homayoon Sabbaghzadeh Shoushtari, Managing Director & Integrated Water Resources Management Advisor

Dear Entourages;


First of all I have to say that we have to change our mind from water war to another phrase. This phrase which I suggest is :


in continue I introduce myself and hope that I can help in your work-group for presenting solutions to solve the water crises in Florida-Georgia region.I attached my C.V. with some National Projects which can be helpful to find the best Road-Map   "to reach a ​framework for ​settlement" of ​a contentious ​legal fight ​over water ​rights.

I am Homayoon Sabbaghzadeh Shushtari , holding an  Electronic and Industrial Control Systems Engineering and my concentration during 24 years professionally in Water Research & Water Resources Management Projects and some other research indirect to water issues, nationwide . I was responsible for improving interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary research and studies methods between Electronic, Instrument and Information Technology with Water Research issues to upgrade Integrated Water Resources Monitoring and Management.

Because of my deep interest in Water Resources Management, I started my MSc graduation in Science and Research Branch of Azad University in September 2015 and now I am in final year of Water Resources Engineering Management and working on my thesis .  

Water the essence of life, and being from Persia where water is limited, a miracle of nature happens every year when the cycle of life/rain brings everything to life yet again.  Water is the most wonderful mystical commodity on earth Precious, scarce miraculous and mighty.

Mother Planet Earth has entered into Global Warming; with evolution, inevitable changes effecting availability, consumption, quality, we need to adapt to preservation and practical usage in all fields globally.  I find this exciting and challenging. For this, I have dedicated the past 24 years studying, researching and working as hands on leader in team studies researcher; inventor, programmer and team manager, to find contribute and implement innovative worldwide applications in water.

Having instigated and managed many activities under my 15-year team leadership I was responsible in obtaining and achieving knowledge, technology and creation of new methods of Applied Water Resources Research, Innovations to increase technical and scientific level of performance with the teams. This ultimately led to increased economic efficiency and the creation of new income that was not in anticipation of the published programs. In order of importance in the past 15 years, my activities concentrate on Water Research Institute ( WRI ) and Ministry of Energy ( MoE ) were as follows:


I am confident that I can perform and work with teams 100% to the best of ability in achieving project goals and meet deadlines of the Research Institute as I enjoy and work well as a team member.              In fact, teamwork is the necessary ingredient of my opinion in this field.

As a Research Leader , I take pride in achieving “Research” goals with specialty teams and encouraging team members in a friendly and harmonious working atmosphere, to gain economic justification and results as well as completing the daily work schedules, as a research leader is required. 

Based on knowledgeable management issues, documenting researches, regularly reporting, updating progress keeping to the curriculum. Not to forget the global need for water and how to produce conserve and use it to meet demand conserve this precious commodity, as well as the economic benefits, making each venture viable and profitable for the Institute.

Particularly since in the past 10 years I have managed as a team leader 100 research projects in water resources issues that are refer to in my C.V. I was acting Research Deputy of Water Research Institute in the largest and oldest Institute. This institute consists of 4 research Centers, 2 faculties and 6 Reference Laboratories that had 260 research employees under my leadership.

The project that I am most proud to present is , as an executive manager, team leader, advisor, and coordinator to the Ministry of Energy, deputy of water and waste water management executing the large scale National/Regional Water Resources Management Project called:

"" Iran Updating Integrated Water Resources Management Master Plan ""

In this project over 2000 people were engaged as a "" Water Family "" consisting of all the water and wastewater province companies, Agricultural and Industrial province organizations and all relevant departments and sub-departments in the ministry of Energy. The duration from start to finish was nearly 4 years. The success and achievement of this project describe in Sample No.1 in my C.V. attachments.

The above being similar to the aims of the management position currently belong to the job position title which you mentioned about  specially on Climate, Environments and Modeling and by focus on Integrated Water Resources Management Issues. I can courageously state in this project all of the management elements necessary, have been employed:


  1. Team Work Culture
  2. Motivating employees with incentive programs communicated ideas and knowledge to co-workers and colleagues
  3. Innovation ,Integrity and Team work
  4. Group Incentive programs by setting goals
  5. Encouraging the use of new technologies and Innovations
  6. Promoting Organizational Teamwork and Excellence, in performing and Achieving results by initiation and coordination of new methods across disciplines
  7. Improvement multi disciplinary studies methods of implementing projects nationwide
  8. Accepting responsibilities and delegating authority to complete each project with developed strategies to ensure implementation
  9. Creating a secure and safe atmosphere with job security to ensure achievement with competent team members
  10. Projects were completed within budget bearing in mind financial aims and ambitions, were all economically feasible.   


I believe in the creation of a friendly and secure environment to encourage coordinated teamwork and all to think and accept responsibility willingly to achieve better results.

My Slogan in General Research or a universally applicable term is:




and my slogan in Water Resources Research is:


also for "" Research for a sustainable future "" , I would like to add:


Research to Find Solutions for

""Future Sustainable Development ""


All these Slogans will not find virtue unless INNOVATION & VALUE CREATION is implemented.

Finally; I appreciate to take the time to study a plan to enter new approaches to find the best solutions for water crises in the region of Florida-Georgia via   Integrated Water Resources Management and NEXUS Conceptual Model s .


Thank you for your kind attention,

Homyoon Sabbaghzadeh Shoushtari.       (Jan 2017)