Mike Mulvihill, Employee at Neptune Solutions

Mike Mulvihill, Employee at Neptune Solutions


 I have designed a fluid retention device which can be used for large holding tanks, flood defence, land retention, aqueducts and we are in the process of designing a self sufficient desalination tank for warm countries by using solar panels, water turbines.

 The system which we have designed is totally concrete free, can be installed on any terrain above ground, faster to install and requires minimal skill and machinery/plant.

 Benefits of using Neptune's products
 No Concrete required - Up to 40% cheaper than concrete
 Situated above ground for easy access
 Fast installation
 Low maintenance
 Minimal ground preparation
 Environmentally friendly 95% recyclable.
 We use recycled products where possible.
 Will last over 75 years
 Cladding can be installed to imitate grass, stone or other landscape effects.
 Solar panels to be installed around the system, this would pay for itself in the long run and or to be used as a backup .

 You can visit my website at http://www.neptunesolutions.co.uk

 Mike Mulvihill

Founder chief engineer

Neptune Solutions Global Ltd


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