News Notes on Sustainable Water Resources  Chesapeake Water Environment Association (CWEA)

News Notes on Sustainable Water Resources  Chesapeake Water Environment Association (CWEA) ; “The mission of The Chesapeake Water Environment Association is to improve water quality and protect the environment in the Maryland, Delaware and Washington DC area. This is accomplished, with the support of our members, through the exchange of technical and scientific information in the form of seminars, luncheons, webinars and conferences.  “The CWEA is very lucky to have one of the most active, experienced and respected Stormwater Committees in the country. While this committee is known for it highly rated seminars and webinars for stormwater professionals across the region (and even the US); the committee saw the need to step back and help the many communities and organizations who have just been given the designation as MS4 for the very first time. The requirements can be overwhelming for the new MS4, even learning the lingo can be a challenge, not to mention the need to make sure one is compliant. The Stormwater Committee decided to forgo one of its two regular seminars to do something different this year. The Committee developed a Webinar and a hands-on workshop specifically for these new MS4s. The Webinar, Introduction to the Maryland MS4 Phase II General Permit was presented on July 18th. If you missed the webinar and would like to hear it you may access it (or any of our webinars) from our website or click here.  “To better serve the mostly small communities that are in the new group of MS4s, to make it easier for them to be able to attend a workshop and access experts in the subject, at no cost, the committee worked with three different communities to arrange for locations free of charge where the workshop could be held. We would like to thank: Howard County Public Utilities Bureau, The Town of Bel Air and the City of Hagerstown for providing us the venues! We also are thankful for the assistance of the University of Maryland’s Environmental Finance Center for its assistance to MS4 on budget and finance information.   This document also includes new information from the Water Environment Federation, ASCE, and upcoming webinars on various water-related topics.