NEWS NOTES ON SUSTAINABLE WATER RESOURCES   Reservoir Sedimentation Webinars nation’s 90,000 dams and reservoirs help ensure the stability of water and energy supplies and flood risk management. However, reservoir storage capacity, essential to meeting these purposes, has been declining as reservoirs fill with clay, silt, sand, gravel, and cobble sediment, in a process known as reservoir sedimentation.In this webinar series, sponsored by CIRES Education & Outreach and CIRES Western Water Assessment, the Subcommittee on Sedimentation’s National Reservoir Sedimentation and Sustainability Team presents sustainable solutions to reservoir sediment management. Webinar schedule: (webinars are one hour in length and start at 11 am MT / 10 am PT / 12 pm CT / 1 pm ET) Jan. 18, 11am MT, Dr. George Annandale, P.E.: Overview of Sustainable Reservoir Management and Reservoir Sedimentation (webinar link)   Feb. 22, 11 am MT: Dr. Greg Morris, P.E.: Reservoir Sedimentation Management Options and Data Needs   Mar. 22, 11 am MT: USACE & Reclamation: Sediment Management for Multi-Purpose Federal Reservoirs   Apr. 26, 11 am MT: Dr. Rollin Hotchkiss, P.E.: Permitting for Reservoir Sediment Management   May 24, 11 am MT: Dr. George Annandale, P.E. & Dr. Rollin Hotchkiss, P.E.: Economics of Sustainable Reservoir Sediment Management  Approximately one to two weeks after each webinar, a permanent link to the recorded webinar will be posted.This information will also be posted on the 2018 Actions and Activities Page of the Sustainable Water Resources Site at"> Smith, Sustainable Water Resources CoordinatorGovernment Web Site, Water Resources Site,