NEWS NOTES ON SUSTAINABLE WATER RESOURCES  Bureau of Reclamation Water Reuse Grant Program

NEWS NOTES ON SUSTAINABLE WATER RESOURCES  Bureau of Reclamation Water Reuse Grant Program ; GAO, BUREAU OF RECLAMATION, Water Reuse Grant Program Supports Diverse Projects and Is Managed Consistently with Federal Regulations , Report to Congressional Requesters, GAO-19-110, United States Government Accountability Office, December 2018.   Population growth and drought are among the factors that have placed increasing demands on the U.S. water supply, particularly in the arid West. The reuse of wastewater can help address water management challenges by treating water that is typically unusable and then reusing it for beneficial purposes, such as irrigation, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. Reclamation’s Title XVI program awards grants for the study and construction of water reuse projects in 17 western states and Hawaii. From fiscal years 1992 through 2009, Congress individually authorized some Title XVI projects. In 2016, Congress amended the Title XVI program to allow grants to be awarded to additional water reuse projects.   GAO was asked to review the Title XVI program. This report describes, among other things, for the Title XVI program (1) grants Reclamation has awarded for projects and studies and remaining projects that are eligible for grants, (2) the types and locations of projects and studies that have received grants, and (3) Reclamation’s process for selecting projects and studies and its consistency with federal grant regulations as well as how the program’s evaluation criteria have changed since 2011. GAO reviewed relevant laws, regulations, and agency guidance; analyzed financial data for fiscal years 1992 through 2017; compared documents related to the project selection process against federal grant regulations; and interviewed agency officials and nonfederal project sponsors with different types of projects.   This study has also been added to the Reports Page 02 of the 2018 Sustainable Water Resources Site at Sustainable Water Resources Information          Tim SmithSustainable Water Resources CoordinatorGovernment Web Site,  Sustainable Water Resources Information