NEWS NOTES ON SUSTAINABLE WATER RESOURCES   The Skeptical Environmentalist ; Lomborg, Bjørn (2001). The Skeptical Environmentalist: Measuring the Real State of the World. Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press. ISBN 0-521-01068-3.    This book was written by Bjorn Lomborg in 2001. The author has held various academic positions in Denmark, and first published there. The book ranges far beyond (but includes) water resources, and is relatively controversial because of differing views about the critical nature of environmentalism. The book considers a number of well-known environmental problems, in part from the standpoint of cost-benefit analysis and statistical analysis. The conclusions often claim that many problems are not as severe as might be determined from other literature.  The book covers a wide range of environmental topics, which for convenience may be summarized in four areas:Human prosperity from an economic and demographic point of viewHuman prosperity from an ecological point of viewPollution as a threat to human prosperityFuture threats to human prosperityThe link given here devotes a good deal of space to the pros and cons about the book, which can be relevant even in the policy proposals of today. One way in which the book may be helpful is to provide a counterpoint to the overwhelming volume of media information that is produced. In many cases the truth can be somewhere between extreme positions of any sort, and hard to find if only one extreme is considered.   The first part of the book serves as an example of the approach, and can be found here: ; One reasonable conclusion from this work is that even today policy should be developed only when there is some reasonable consensus about the underlying science concerning the problem at hand. This book will also be linked on Reports Page 02 of the Sustainable Water Resources Site at ;