NEWS NOTES ON SUSTAINABLE WATER RESOURCESBig Bend National Park“The USGS Texas Water Science Center provided Big Bend National Park with a comprehensive assessment of the status of instream and riparian-zone biological resources along with information and tools needed by Park staff to address the effects of continued low flows and water-quality degradation of the Rio Grande through Big Bend National Park.” “Increased pollution, flow loss, and the invasion of exotic species have degraded the Rio Grande's aquatic resources in the Big Bend region of Texas. Seven native fish species have been extirpated. Of the remaining native fish species, one is Federally endangered and two are Federally listed as species of concern. Aquatic invertebrates, essential to ecosystem health, have not been assessed. No thorough mussel survey has been done; five Rio Grande mussel species have not been documented alive since the 1970's. The effects of upstream diversions from the Rio Grande on instream and riparian vegetation and biological resources of the river in the Big Bend National Park have not been established.” More information on sustainable water resources is available at