NEWS NOTES ON SUSTAINABLE WATER RESOURCES  USGS Future Water Priorities ; National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine 2018. Future Water Priorities for the Nation: Directions for the U.S. Geological Survey Water Mission Area . Washington, DC: The National Academies Press. ; There is broad agreement that solving problems related to use of water resources will be of paramount importance in coming decades. In the United States and abroad, water resources are under increasing pressure from growing populations, climate change, extreme weather, aging water-related infrastructure, and burgeoning demand for food, energy, and industrial production. That pressure threatens water availability and quality in ways that can increase exposure to hydrologic extremes and hazards, affect economic and policy decisions, and make the tradeoffs between human and ecological water uses even more difficult.  The Water Mission Area (WMA) of the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) has a long-established reputation for collecting and delivering high-quality, unbiased scientific information related to the nation’s water resources. Federal, state, and local agencies, the private sector, nongovernmental organizations, academia, and the public rely on WMA observations and analysis to inform decisions ranging from rapid responses during emergencies such as hurricanes, floods, and forest fires to the long-term management of water resources.  Produced at the request of USGS, this report identifies the nation’s highest-priority water science and resources challenges over the next 25 years, summarizes WMA’s current water science and research portfolio, and recommends strategic opportunities for WMA water science and research that would address the highest-priority national water challenges.  This report will also be linked on the 2018 Reports Page 02 of the Sustainable Water Resources Site at "> ; Tim Smith, Sustainable Water Resources CoordinatorGovernment Web Site, Water Resources Site, "> ;