NEWS NOTES ON SUSTAINABLE WATER RESOURCESMissouri River Basin link will download a fact sheet to your computer.The Missouri is the longest river in the United States. It has a watershed of more than 500,000 square miles, includes portions of 10 states and one Canadian province, and encompasses approximately one-sixth of the United States. The Missouri drains the largest watershed within the United States and produces annual yields of 40 million acre-feet. Reclamation has constructed more than 40 dams on Missouri River tributaries that have helped with agriculture development in the basin. The facilities in the basin also provide significant benefits, including flood control, navigation, irrigation, power, water supply, recreation, fish and wildlife, and water quality. Navigation is important in the lower basin states. Reliable water delivery for agriculture and municipal, rural, and industrial use is important in the upper basin states. To continue to meet these critical needs and protect natural resources, Reclamation and stakeholders must continually evaluate and report on the risks and impacts of climate change and identify appropriate adaptation and mitigation strategies utilizing the best available science. NOTE: More information on Sustainable Water Resources is available at