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Florida Earth FoundationFlorida Earth is a nonprofit organization that is best described as a developer of knowledge exchange platforms in water disciplines. Originally an initiative of the University of Florida's Institute for Food and Agricultural Sciences, Florida Earth was turned into a nonprofit in 2004 with the original intent of developing education and outreach programs for Everglades Restoration. In 2005 the organization was approached by the United Nations to develop a program that worked with UNESCO-IHE, the world's largest water university, located in Delft, Netherlands. Since then, Florida Earth has now four international programs as well as a suite of domestic programs in Florida and the US.

Rigorously Valuing the Role of U.S. Coral Reefs in Coastal Hazard Risk Reduction (Open File Report)

Economic Impact of Storm Surge Inundations due to Climate Change (A Case Study in Ise Bay, Japan)

Protecting and Restoring Europe's Waters (Water Framework Directive Analysis)

Building the Resilience of WSS Utilities to Climate Change and Other Threats A Road Map

The Value of Coastal Wetlands for Flood Damage Reduction in the Northeastern USA

'A Green Future: Our 25 Year Plan to Improve the Environment' by HM Government

USNC Pro 2018 Brochure

Florida Earth Brochure

SWRR Florida 2016 Brochure

SWRR Brochure

An Overview of Palm Beach County Water Bodies

SFWMD Work on the Loxahatchee River

The Work of the Loxahatchee River District

Florida Inland Navigation District

FAU Research in Local Water Bodies

Palm Beach County ERM and the Lake Worth Lagoon

Water Module 2016 Deck

Medina Lecture

2016 US-Netherlands Program Handbook

USNC Handbook 2016

South Florida Water Language in 10 Minutes

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Kelly Heber Dunning Presentation

Al Karlin Presentation

Ann Siders Presentation

Jay Martin Presentation

Big Data Deck

Kirk Hatfield Presentation

Joost de Haan Presentation

Greg van der Vink Presentation

Gretchen Ehlinger Presentation

Karl Craig Presentation

Sherie Brandt-Williams Presentation

Steve Bourne Presentation

Matahel Ansar Presentation

Will Sarni Keynote

CRC report

2015 USGS Lecture Schedule

CRC Leadership Tier Workshop Handbook

2015 SFWMD Lectures

2015 Seminole Reservation Agenda

Rotary District 6930 Newsletter

UNESCO-IHE Sponsorship Agreement Non-Rotary

UNESCO-IHE Sponsorship Agreement











2014 Policy Team Handbook

Agriculture Water: Protecting the Future of our Nation

CARES Program by Scot Eubanks

Springs Presentation by Veronica Craw

FARMS Presentation by Eric DeHaven

Achieving Energy & Water Security

Article for Water Network

South Florida Environmental Report

2014 USNC Policy Team Brochure

2014 USNC AWRA/ASCE Brochure

2014 USNC Policy Brochure

Stormwater Parks: New Use of an Old Concept


2014 USNC Professional Program Brochure

Dutch Water Insights

Josan's BMP Presentation

Zeeland villages

Presentation Tjeerd and Leo - province of Zeeland 5/13

Jaap M. de Heer

Everglades Forever Act Poster

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TG Case Studies

Lecture 4.2 Concluding Remarks

Lecture 4.1 Climate Change

Lecture 3.2 Innovations

Lecture 1.3 Legal Framework

Lecture 4.2 Concluding Remarks

Lecture 3.2 Okeechobee Restoration

Lecture 3.1 Kissimmee River Restoration

Lecture 3.3 Innovations, CERP and CEPP

Lecture 2.3 The Clean Water Act

Lecture 2.2 Everglades Forever Act, Water Quality & STA's

Lecture 1.2 History of Water Management

Lecture 1.2 History of Water Management

Lecture 1.1 Introduction

USNC Handbook

Biesbosch National Park Brochure

Expect the Unexpected, Part 3

Expect the Unexpected, Part 2

Expect the Unexpected, Part 1

2013 Agenda

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Netherlands Climate Report

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Florida Earth Domestic Programs

Florida Earth International Progrmas

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