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Florida Earth FoundationFlorida Earth is a nonprofit organization that is best described as a developer of knowledge exchange platforms in water disciplines. Originally an initiative of the University of Florida's Institute for Food and Agricultural Sciences, Florida Earth was turned into a nonprofit in 2004 with the original intent of developing education and outreach programs for Everglades Restoration. In 2005 the organization was approached by the United Nations to develop a program that worked with UNESCO-IHE, the world's largest water university, located in Delft, Netherlands. Since then, Florida Earth has now four international programs as well as a suite of domestic programs in Florida and the US.

Common Sources of Data Not Sufficient for Measuring UN Sustainable Development Goals, Study Shows

Jakarta is Polluted, Sinking and Overcrowded, so Indonesia is Planning a New Capital City (Video)

Introducing Tap Into Resilience Toolkit: Groundbreaking Resource for Building Water Resilient Future

Indian Ocean Causes Drought and Heatwaves in South America (Research Paper)

Hidden World of Stream Biodiversity Revealed through Water Sampling for Environmental DNA

Atmospheric Rivers to Become Even More Dominant Source of California Water Resources and Flooding

Toxic Algae Increases in Florida's Lake Okeechobee

Rising Seas May Swamp Everglades Restoration Plan

Bureau of Reclamation selects 18 projects to receive $9 million in anti-drought WaterSMART grants

Tool Shows Best Sites For Resilience Projects | Coastal Review Online

Expert Warning: South Australia’s Droughts are Getting Worse

Water Cycle Diagrams are Giving Us a False Sense of Water Security

WMO Embarks on New Strategy on Hydrology and Water Resources

"We Are In a Water Crisis" - WMO and GWP Strengthen Climate-resilient Water Management

An end-to-end approach to improving city water resilience: Interview with Martin Shouler, Arup Water

Interior and States Sign Historic Drought Agreements to Protect Colorado River

U.S. Coral Reefs Provide Flood Protection Worth $1.8 Billion Annually

Researchers Find Patterns Associated with Extreme Floods (Document)

Five Years On, the Flint Water Crisis is Nowhere Near Over (National Geographic)

DAMS AND CLIMATE (On climate in general and floods in particular)

Nature-based Solutions: a Cost-effective Approach for Disaster Risk and Water Resource Management

Enhancing Agricultural Resilience & Water Security with Cosmic Ray Neutron Sensor (Research Project)

Resilience Matters: Free E-Book on Forging a Greener Future for Cities

Smart Cities: How Technology Can Deliver a Better Quality of Life (Video)

WWF Upgraded Water Risk Filter to Help Companies Respond to Worsening Water Risks

WEF’s Global Report Identifies Climate Change Impacts, Water Crises Among Top Five Risks

Ron DeSantis unveils sweeping environmental plan to fix Florida’s water woes

Resilience in ​Concord Means ​Smart Water ​Management ​(Video)

Room for the River Programme

Building a Better Weapon Against Harmful Algal Blooms

Council approves 100-year water conservation road map - Austin Monitor

Resilient Urban Water Management

Innovative ​Approaches to ​Improving ​Drought ​Resiliency ​– Case ​Study from ​Oklahoma ​

FIU Scientist Discovers Potentially Harmful Algal Bloom in Keys Canal

Miami Will Be Under Water Soon - It's Drinking Water Could Go First

U.S. Sugar CEO: Water issues should be about truth, not hype

Algae a Threat ​to Walleye ​Vision, Lake ​Erie Study ​Finds

Water Risk Filter 5.0: From water risk assessment to response

More Than One Million Florida Homes Could See "Chronic Flooding" by 2100

How ​3D Modelling of ​Coastal Systems ​Can Help Win ​the Ongoing ​Battle Against ​Erosion

Flooding from sea level rise threatens over 300,000 US coastal homes – study

Wells and Even Springs Face Brackish Future

Everglades Needs More Fresh Water to Fight Salt Water Intrusion

Study Finds Cause of Algal Blooms and the Results Stink

Argument Preview: The Long-standing Water Dispute Between Florida and Georgia

How Did Half of the Great Florida Coral Reef System Disappear?

Florida Real Estate Faces a Nightmare

Louisiana, Sinking Fast, Prepares to Empty Out Its Coastal Plain

New Ways Southern Florida Can Tackle Climate Change-related Flooding

New Flood Risk Identified by FIU Researcher

Chassahowitzka and Homosassa Rivers Get Water Restoration Road Map

U.S. Supreme Court to hear Georgia-Florida water rights case

What Will Florida (And its Water Supply) Look Like in 2070?

Florida Waters Getting Cleaner Thanks to 2016 Law

Underground Sensors Help Measure Surface Flooding Woes in Florida

FIU and Italian University Partner to Tackle Water Problems

FIU Researchers Use Fabric to Test for Chemicals

The Dutch Have Solutions to Rising Seas. The World Is Watching.

Algae on Florida's Coasts Contained 28 Kinds of Bacteria

LeMieux: Withdrawing from Paris Climate Pact Sends Wrong Message

Lakeland, Florida Improves Flood Prevention Capabilities with IoT

Florida Drinking Water Ranks 2nd Worst in Nation

34% Of Florida In Severe Drought

Canals Clean Up, Next Water Quality Project For Florida Keys

2017 US-Netherlands Connection's Professional Program

OriginClear and FAU to Test Leachate Treatment Solutions

Republicans Lead Fight to Ban Fracking in Florida

Everglades Leaders Straying From Saving the River of Grass

Is Florida Moving Too Slow to Save the Everglades?

$275K Grant To Study Algal Bloom Impact On Dolphins

Water Quality Experts Urge Gov. to Finish the Job on Florida Water

Controversial Water Storage Bill Filed In Florida's Senate

“Water Wars” Could Cost Florida Another $13M in Legal Fees

Nearly 100 False Killer Whales Died in South Florida

Alabama Threatens to Sue in Tri-state ‘Water Wars’

Should FGCU Create Center to Study Water Issues?

Settlement Sought in Florida-Georgia Water War

Florida Restocking Lake Apopka with 1 Million Bass

Florida May Face Water-supply Strain Over Next 50 Years

Sea-level Rise Presents an Epic Risk to Florida

Florida and Georgia Fight Over Water

Florida Attorney General Bondi prevents off grid farms and vertical hydroponic grow rooms STINKS!

SESM Graduate Awarded “Florida Earth Young Scholar”

Florida Department of Agriculture Preventing Off-the-grid Farming STINKS!

Florida Sinkhole to Cost Up to $50 Million to Fix

Florida Sinkhole Causes Leak of Wastewater into Drinking Water Source

Seminole's Petition Against New Water Toxin Rule Dismissed

Lake Okeechobee Polluted Since 1985

Underground Mix of Fresh and Salt Water in South Florida

Florida Congress Members Criticize State Water Toxin Plan

Technology to Mitigate Risks From Sea-Level Rise and Flooding

Domestic Wastewater Major Source of P and N to the Mediterranean Sea

Nuclear Plant sued for Polluting Drinking Water

Machine That Eats the Algae

What is Causing Toxic Algae Bloom in Florida?

State of Emergency - in Florida

Upset Residents Attend South Florida Water Management District Meeting

FL Governor Scott Violates Bill Rights to Protect DeSoto County

Trial Date for Georgia-Florida Water Wars Case set for October 31st

Graham Urges DEP to Rethink Water Pollution Limits

Water Wars' trial between Georgia, Florida being considered for fall

Florida and Georgia Water War Decisions Will Impact Entire Nation

Florida Gov. Noncommittal on Water Storage Efforts to Cut Lake Okeechobee Discharges

Measuring microbes makes wetland health monitoring more affordable

Angry About Florida's Ruined Waters, Fishermen Unite Against Big Sugar

Florida’s Offshore Oil-drilling Buffer Zone Under Attack in Congress​

Following Flint Tallahassee Assures Citizens Of Water Safety

Estero Endorses Proposed $13.7 Million State Conservation Project

State cites Florida Power & Light for polluting water supply, imposes clean-up deadline

EU awards Horizon 2020 project on microbial desalination

Tallahassee Wins Best Tasting Drinking Water in Florida

Focus on endangered bird harms Florida Bay | Miami Herald

Florida Fish and Wildlife Provides Update On Northern Indian River Lagoon

Nuclear Plant Leak Threatens Drinking Water Wells in Florida

Florida Not Immune to Lead in Drinking Water

In Conversation with Stan Bronson of Florida Earth Foundation

Study Help Policymakers Plan for Sea Level Rise

Sea-level Rise Too Big to be Pumped Away

Military to Check for Water Contamination at 38 Sites in Florida

Florida Springs Institute Opens New Environmental Center

Study Confirms FPL Nuclear Plant Canals Leaking Into Biscayne Bay

Florida coastal environments are collapsing

Florida Water Loss Claims up 46 Percent in 5-Year Period

Polluted Lake Water Is Making It's Way Toward Florida Beaches

SFWMD Takes ‘Unprecedented Actions’ to Lower Water Levels

Deadline to Sign up for Operation Cleansweep

Port Everglades Dredging Project Major Milestone

Lawmakers Want up to $200 Mil Annually for 20 Years to Clean Everglades - Florida Water Daily

Orange County to Award $4.7M Contract for SCADA System Improvements

Florida Governer Signs New Water Policy Bill

Going Local in the Coral Triangle | Oceans at MIT

Vandals Drain 400,000 Gallons of Florida Drinking Water

A super-fine solution to sponge up micropollutants

Florida Springs Council again pushes for stricter water bill

Kelly Heber Dunning - Communities of Coral: Analysis of Ecosystem Services

Hank Loescher - Overview of the National Ecological Observatory Network

Hyro-economics: Stan Bronson at TEDxJupiter

Ann Siders - Digital Humanities in Environmental Governance

Big Data & Decision Making The Future of the Water Space

Stan Bronson's TEDx Jupiter

Dutch approach to water among CNN top 10 of best ideas

Changing the World One Person at a Time

Sea level rise

IHE Water Ambassadors

Meetings - everyone on the same page

The digital workplace in 2012

TallyFox Wiki- reduce emails, improve collaboration

Cluster Presentation

TallyFox Clusters - Smart work made easy

Florida Earth International Programs

Florida Earth Foundation Flyer

The USNC ATP Workshop

Florida Earth Domestic Programs

USNC Project & Program